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This article was written on 08 Mar 2010, and is filled under Entrepreneurship, featured, Society.

27 year old retires

83 born Maruti Suzuki 800 is retiring in a couple of months. One of India’s most successful auto-mobile model which started the personal four wheeler revolution went through a lot of changes for the past two and half decade.

Maruthi 800

Maruti 800 based on the Suzuki Alto was the common man’s car for Indian subcontinent for the past couple of decades. There was a time when Indian industry was ruled by Hindustan Ambassador and Premier Padmini. I remember the time when people thought of Ambassador as the family car and Premier Padmini as the choice of doctors.

2.5 million cars is not a small number and it’s remarkable in terms of the product life cycle. In India only Ambassador have a longer life cycle in auto mobile industry. 800 is better known as  Mehran or Alto in other parts of the world.

More than a product, Maruti 800 gives lot of nostalgia for majority of people at my age range. It was a Maruti 800 that I used to go to college during my Engineering. Many of my memories in the college have KL2C-3001 red maruti as a member. We had a chemistry. It was the car I fell in love for the first time. I remember the first day when I plan to learn driving in that car.

My best friend Deepu C. Lal was the only eligible driver when we were in pre-degree. One day I declared at home that I’m going to learn driving from the next day morning onwards. Then I called Deepu and ensured his availability. Deepu came in the morning as promised in his TATA Sierra. In fact that was the first car I managed to drive alone. (It was in the SN College campus when Deepu dared to give me the car and asked me to drive it.)

So at that morning we started the driving lessons. We managed to drive about 3 KM to north. We reached “Neendakara”, which is district’s intermediate fishing port. Fishermen have already reached shore boatful. It was time for the distributors to transfer the food to different locations. At that time (about 12 years back) food preservation was not in the list of best skills for the community. Most of the fish reached the customer within a few hours. The distributors had the pressure. They had special vehicles to carry fish faster. They ran faster than any other object during early mornings to keep Kerala happy and healthy with supply of fish.

Neendakara Bridge

Thanks to Sudheesh Nairs for the imageshack.us snap

Me and Deepu entered into the busy street where the fish distributors were struggling to reach the destinations. One of the small trucks kissed the special red maruti 800 on right indicator lamp. That was my first accident. That memory is too with my KL2c-3001.

Even though we never dared to go to Neendakara at that time again. I self declared myself as an expert driver at home. Initially I enjoyed being a driver on-demand at home. But it took some time for me to realise that I’m getting into trouble. One day I lost “Chitrahar”  due to the my driving skills. It takes one day of waiting to watch “Chitrahar” in DD National, the only channel available in TV at that time.

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